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Broken iPad, Computer Repair and upgrades

We know that computer repair problems come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever computer problems you need fixed, we can help! Check out our services to find more information of exactly the kind of computer repair service you’re looking for, or fill out our Ask a Question form and one of our trained technicians will be happy to help!

We Specialized in iPad and tablet repair, Windows PC and iMac repair

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Network Installation and configuration

If your internet does not work on your computer, we can help! There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to get internet, and we can take a look at your desktop to determine the exact cause. Some of the reasons your internet or wifi may not work include:

• Viruses

• Driver Issues

• Bad Wifi/Ethernet card

• Misconfigured Settings.

We specialized in home and business network installation and configuration. Call us for a free analysis.

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Network Security Analysis

Securing your business is a must in this current environment. Don't be the next free lunch for hackers. We can give you a free forensic analysis of network to determine any vulnerabilities and offer solutions. We specialized in forensic analysis and network vulnerabilities. Our Forensic Analysts can detect any threats in your network, and patch it to prevent catastrophic network breach and failure.

Call now for a free analysis.

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Security Surveilance Installation

We provide installation services for security surveillance systems. Securing your home or business is a great investment. According to security experts, security cameras are deterrent against crime and burglary. Our systems allow remote access even when you are away from home

Call today for free quote. We will help you choose the best systems for your home or business.

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Computer Sales and Deployment

Choosing the right  systems to run your business can be a challenge for most business owners. It is important to consult the right  IT Company that can help you choose what's best for your business needs. We specialized in Windows Systems Deployment for small or meduim size business in Palm Beach County. We price match our competitor, satisfaction guarantee.

Call us today to a free request quote. Our sales team are also certified technicians who know and understanding your business needs.

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Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer running slow? Don't Panic, Just Call Us Now! Same day repair for most virus removal.

We can remove viruses, spyware, ransomeware and rookits that render your computer useless. Your computer will be left with the latest patches, updates, and security software to help prevent future threats.

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